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Life-Size Dinosaur Skeleton Puzzle Kits
Dinosaur Discovery provides innovative dinosaur education tools for teachers and parents.

Dinosaur Discovery designs, manufactures and sells LIFE-SIZE dinosaur "fossil" skeleton and marine reptile kits, for grades K - 6. These kits enable teachers and parents to help their children learn about dinosaurs through a hands-on experience. Using dinosaur puzzle pieces, dinosaur curriculum and fact sheets these kits allow the user to go through a process similar to that which a paleontologist would perform on a dinosaur dig.

Bring paleontology into the elementary through middle grade classroom by incorporating the teaching aids into your lesson plans. With these models your students will be able to understand techniques used in extracting dinosaur fossils, assembling the dinosaur bones and analyzing the dinosaur skeleton to ultimately produce an entire life size reconstruction. These kits make learning of the past an enjoyable dinosaur education experience.

To understand what dinosaur activities for children in grade 2 can be utilized click on dinosaur curriculum.

life-size with 25 pieces, 6' x 2'4"

life-size with 25 pieces, 6'7" x 2'4"

T rex (Tyrannosaurus rex)
1/4 scale with 34 pieces, 10'6" x 4'

Marine Reptile:
life-size with 28 pieces, 7'1" x 2'2"

Also available, Wooden 40" T-rex and 10" Dinosaur Skeleton Puzzles.

The founders of Dinosaur Discovery had the opportunity to go on a dinosaur fossil dig at the Paleontology Field Camp in Montana. Come on a dinosaur fossil dig with us.

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